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Satisfied Clients

F Wilson

Fred Wilson

I got into an auto accident and got behind on my bills. My lawyer recommended i call EZ Case Loans and they immediately starting taking care of me. They are very special people there and stood by me 100%. EZ Case Loans is the place to go and the people to deal with.


Robert Sadikoff

I got injured in the job and started having difficulties paying my bills and other finances. So I reached out to EZ Case Loans and they have been 100% awesome. Every time I reach out to them they have been responsive and professional to me. Very satisfied and highly recommend.

F Wilson

Glenn at EZ Loans is a great person. He helped me out in my time of need and I'm grateful for his support and Services's what an amazing man he is... I'm truly blessed to have met him in person...people E.Z Loans got your back please don't hesitate to call him... I've been going through some troubling times in my life lately within the last 4 months I have lost 2 of my family members not to mention I'm, also dealing with cancer, things got really hard for financially...just when I thought I had no way angel from heaven was introduced to me we talked for awhile and got acquainted to my surprise Mr. GLENN, from EZ Case Loans helped me out with no hesitation...what a phenomenal person he is I'm truly grateful to have met him in person... In closing I would love to thank EZ Case Loans for helping me in my time of need. THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWSOME SERVICES.


Ronnie Martinez

Glen and his staff have been trusted business partners for our clients for years. During the aftermath of an auto accident, horrific slip & fall or other debilitating injury, Glen has been able to fund our clients with appropriate loans, without excessive fees which left our clients unhappy at the end of their case. Each client was treated as though they were the only client and given detailed steps to track their funds and follow up calls were made to confirm the clients satisfaction.

Mariana Geans

Great company and staff. Glen and EZ Case Loans is just awesome, very personable, attentive and knowledgeable. His company truly gets you the best rates and the fastest responses around.

Mercedes Tirado

Sometimes when it rains it pours...

After being unable to work at my job as a musician and bandleader, because of suffering from respiratory failure ten times that landed me in ICU, and then coming out of that only to face advanced prostate cancer, while undergoing cancer treatments I had a car accident, that left one me in severe pain and left one of my arms partially paralyzed, and requiring surgery, although my musician friends in the Chicago Blues community have helped me tremendously, you hate to be a burden on your loved ones and friends for your every need, and with my credit in shambles I had no resources and nowhere to turn, and that’s when I called the folks at EZ Case Loans, and they came through for me like a knight in shining armor!
And the simple difference between EZ Case Loans and the other loan companies that I called is the unparalleled level of compassion and understanding of your problems, and when you’re in the middle of financial crisis and dealing with serious health issues, I can’t say enough about how good it feels to have and understanding person on the other end of the line and to be treated like an individual instead of a case number. That’s the big difference between EZ Case Loans and other companies that I’ve dealt with in the past. And I would suggest that anyone who has a pending case and facing financial difficulties, to give the folks at EZ Case Loans a call first, it can’t hurt, ( And you can thank me later ) because in times of trouble and dealing with pain, injuries or health problems and trying to recover, nothing beats knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate people to be working with you in getting through life’s rough spots.

My thanks to you guys at EZ Case Loans for your help in getting me through the hardest times I’ve ever faced.

Much love right back at ya!
Andre Catdaddy Taylor
Chicago Blues Showman.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Glenn and the staff of EZ Case Loans were a godsend for my family and I. At the height of a global pandemic my employer chose to withhold my work comp pay in an attempt to back me into a corner, drop my case, and return to work with a Injured back. Glenn and his staff were amazing and so unbelievably fast in processing paperwork and getting a check to me the same day. Glenn even assisted me on his own personal time/phone ensuring that I had cash in my hands that day so I could buy vital medications for not only myself, but also special needs child. If you're injured and need assistance definitely give them a call.. you will not be disappointed!!

Angie Evers

I usually don't write reviews, but feel compelled to share my experience with this company. My husband was injured at work after 17 years on the job. Afterwards the battle began. Ez Case Loans was recommended to us from the law firm he was working with after inquiring about lawsuit advances. I'm so happy that we decided to work with them compared to other companies.

These types of companies are usually all in for the money and couldn't care less about the people. With Ez Case Loans that's surely not the case. We were lucky to work with a company with integrity, professionalism, and a true concern for their clients. Not to mention you don't call a call center and speak to a bunch of different people who give you wrong information.

I've spoken to the owner Glen on multiple occasions and he is the best! He truly cares and understands that these situations can be life changing and not in a good way for families. I am a lot too handle and ask tons of questions. Although... I'm sure he was tired of me, he never faultered in professionalism and empathy. He always answered my questions and put my mind at ease. If you are in a situation to need this type of service.. I'm sorry and I hope things work out. Don't hesitate to contact Ez Case Loans to help you a bit along the way. I would highly recommend this company!

Da'Veta Core

They are on top of their game and they’re easy to speak to & quick to assist. Glen is amazing!

Nut Banga

My names Murray Ford. I was recommended through EZ case loans through my lawyers office. I would like to say that they took care of me with no problem they understood the situation I was in and the money that I ask for they gave it to me without Hesitation Fast.. the person whom applied my application was a great guy I felt as if we had met him somewhere before this day. Very professional and very considerate to my injuries that took place as well as my financial he understood the bind I was in I felt as if he really cared for my well bing shortly after we talk my money was in my account. Thanks Glen you are a great guy.

Murray Ford

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Money on the spot with a personal touch tailored to your immediate needs

David Mundelius

I urge anyone, who have a ongoing lawsuit or is waiting on settlement to call Ez case Loans , ask to speak to Glen, let me break it down, if you need a loan EZ case / Glen will do the following,

  1. Will be Straightforward and honest.
  2. Will not try to get over on you with interest rate.
  3. Will get your money to you fast.
  4. Will treat you like a human , an not just a means to make money off of you.
  5. Will work with you on every level to get you what you need, and be fair about it.
I Alvin Keys write this because Ez case / Glen did this for me. We are in some crazy times , and sometimes you can’t wait until the lawyers cut you a check the legal system can be a long process, so if you gonna need money call Glen at Ez case loans were you will be taking care of and not advantage of.

AL Keys

Aubbreia Davis

This is a company that I highly recommend. Glenn and his staff are awesome!!! I use them for the first time late last year and to give you an idea of how much I loved this service, Ive since dealt with them multiple times. Always 2 my satisfaction !!! In a short timeframe Glenn has become what I consider a friend. He has always been honest n upfront with what he could r couldn't do. And it seems like its always could n in my case never a could not. Always answer or gets back promptly to any n all request I have made. He n his staff have gone above n beyond any of my expectations. Never had dealings with someone so professional n so sincere. Dont take my word for it. JUST GIVE EM A TRY 4 YOURSELF. I would be highly surprised if ur not as pleased with the job they do AS I WAS. TRY THEM IF YOUR IN NEED !!! You wont be sorry !!!

David Reimbold

I do appreciate the service, quality, and respect I was shown from EZ case loan. I felt behind financially and was in a place where my family and I really needed some help Mr. Glenn and EZ case loan was a god-sent and really helped us get on our feet whereas I was able to pay off some bills, as well as a few other obligations. I would highly recommend anyone to use EZ case loans. thier level of perfection, empathy, respect, and understanding is second to none. Thank you Mr. Glenn and EZ case loans for your help in a time of need.

The Walk Family

Glenn from EZ Case Loans was an absolute pleasure to work with during a rough time in my life, he got me a loan quick within a few hours! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a loan! Quick and easy & reliable! He is the owner & provided me with his cell phone number! Thank you EZ Case Loans! You guys are awesome! I appreciate you helping me in my time of need!

Crystal Kelso

This loan company is the absolute best! Mr.Glen is so respectful, kind and he cares about his clients as if they were his own family. He goes over and beyond to assist you with your loan needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If I ever need them again I will have them on speed dial. Thank you so much EZ Case Loans!

Roxana Aquique

I highly recommend EZ CASE LOANS!!! GLENN has helped me several times to a fast next day loan. The employees are generous and understanding hard times come unexpected. I completed the paperwork and my loan came the next day as my option. Thank You to Mr. Warren Peebles!!!!! The name fits the business, EAZY LOAN to get once approved!! =)

A'Quarius Harris

With all the stress of unforseen financial surprises, All I can say is, Wow! Professional, Quick no hassle, Friendly and Accommodating. I received funds immediately after approval. It's nice to breathe a sigh of relief.
Your service certainly proceeds your Title.
Thank you EZ Case Loans
Customer for life

Traycee Fox

Great Service, Help when I needed it. If ever needed a Loan again I would definitely go back to them. Glen great help as always. Highly recommend to anyone.

Abraham Toledo

I AM A REAL PERSON!!! Lolololol I've dealt with this company/Glen on at least 3 occasions and he's ALWAYS been great!!! He's always polite, personable and prompt, (less than 24 hour process for me!) just to name a few things!! The process has always gone smoothly, no-hassle!!! He has truly been a Life-saver/GodSend for me!!!!!

Antoinette Breaux

Glen is such a awesome person. He has helped me so much. I highly recommend his services. Thanks again Glen.

Guadalupe Rivera

I have been in treatment since 02/2015. I ran into a pretty bad situation in which my employer began taking missed days out of my check rather than debiting it against my PTO. I was scheduled to visit my son in Kentucky over the weekend and I didn't have a penny to my name after paying rent. Glen called me, emailed me the paper work, I filled it out, emailed it back and I had money in less than a day. My son was thrilled. This would have never have been possible without Ez Case Loans.

B Coleman

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