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Doing Our Part

EZ Case Loans Is doing our part to help the community by donating to the Chef Michael Airhart Experience!

Chef Michael Airhart

Chef Michael Airhart

Chef Michael Airhart

Chef Michael Airhart sets up his personal and generous food service operation in various locations in the city of Chicago to feed homeless everyday. "We have a bad virus that's killing everybody. The virus is off the chain," he said. He and his staff wear gloves and are mindful of the danger as they keep their distance while trying to try to bridge the need the crisis has only made worse.

Amid the pandemic, usual resources, not to mention a hot meal, can be hard to come by. "Its about staying safe, but we can't leave our people behind even though things are bad out here," he said. On Wednesday, the 50-year-old Chicagoan served his fare at the Lawrence Avenue viaduct underneath Lake Shore Drive. In only a few hours, he plated more than 1,500 hot dogs, steak tacos, and pork chops.

Michael embodies the spirit of giving and action. For the past five years, he has made it his mission push himself to capacity, serving an average of 500 meals daily. Michael and his two brothers were raised in a single-parent home in the projects of Altgeld Gardens from the late 1960s. His upbringing was similar to so many- a poor, abusive- and drug-filled home, yet so different with the help of his community and his own will. Not only does Michael feed thousands a year, Michael lives by his own sayings, "Everyday with the homeless is like spending time with God, these are HIS children, our family, friends, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, mom and dads--Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others!" It is with this, Michael hopes to inspire others to take on and do what they can for others.

“My name is Michael Airhart and for the past 6 years, I've dedicated my life to helping the less fortunate. I love what I do! Whether it's working with the homeless in the streets and shelters of Chicago, youth reentering the workforce, throwing block parties in my Riverdale community, or creating mascots for schools, I show up with food, love, music, and mentorship.

With the help of the Riverdale Park District, I'll be using this money to secure 2-years of rent at an actual warehouse! I currently use my garage as my warehouse for food, toys, clothes, blankets, and whatever else the people need. Having a warehouse will allow me to take in more donations and provide job opportunities for my community. Your support is everything!

I want to be able to provide for all of God's people, even those forgotten about. With these funds, I hope to expand my vision, operations and the tangible impact of helping individuals in need”.

EZ Case Loans has teamed with Chef Michael to provide with financial assistance and food donations to contribute to his mission to feed and help the needs of Chicago’s homeless.

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Chef Michael Airhart helping the lesss fortunate
Chef Michael Airhard feeding the homeless

EZ Case Loans Donates to Greater Chicago Food Depository

EZ Case Loans made a financial contribution and donated food to the Greater Chicago Food Depository in support of the Covid-19 2020 Food Drive. Our contributions will purchase food and feed hundreds of struggling families across Chicago and Cook County. Special thanks to all the employees at the Greater Chicago Food Depository! True heroes!

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Glen Traeger at Greater Chicago Food Depository
Greater Chicago Food Depository

Helping Our Community

EZ Case Loans Supports Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities

EZ Case Loans is doing our part to help the community by making a financial contribution to the Ronald McDonald House Charities due to the unfortunate looting incident that took place in the city of Chicago.

The looters/criminals took a hammer to the doors and windows of the Ronald McDonald House at Lurie Childrens Hospital and bashed in windows here and all along Grand Ave.

Our hearts go out to the families effected by looters while staying at Ronald McDonald house while Lurie Childrens Hospital cares for their sick child.

The mission of The Ronald McDonald charitable foundation is to keep families together while their children are being treated at Lurie Hospital. We believe no family should have to deal with their child’s medical crisis alone.

The mission of RMHC is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. We believe when a child is sick, a family is sick. That’s why, since 1977, RMHC has kept families together with their hospitalized children through the Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Family Room® programs, enabling them to get better together.

RMHC provides more than 2.5 million overnight stays each year, helping families save over $930 million in hotel and meal expenses.

West Deerfield Township Your Community Resource for Life

EZ Case Loans made a financial donation and a food contribution to The West Deerfield Food Pantry making a REAL difference in the lives of less-fortunate residents. But it is truly the generous support of our community, it’s organizations, and businesses that makes this possible. We are grateful for all donations and we take great pride in being this community resource for life.

HELPING SINGLES, COUPLES, FAMILIES AND SENIOR CITIZENS. Twice a month, the donations from generous citizens and local businesses make a real difference in the quality of life for our neighbors who are struggling.

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